Nasuni’s New Audit Capability Caps a Year of Major Technology Innovations

Nasuni New Audit Capability – Nasuni|Nasuni New Audit Capability – Nasuni

January 23, 2014

First Cloud-Integrated Storage Vendor to Capture Data for Compliance 

NATICK, Mass. – January 23, 2014 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today announced that it is the first cloud-integrated storage company to provide audit capabilities to its customers. This new functionality caps a 12-month period of continuous innovation that includes new capabilities such as the Nasuni Management Console (NMC), Cloud Mirroring, High Availability (HA), Solid State Drives (SSD) and Storage Controllers in the Cloud.

UniFS - Nasuni

With Nasuni’s new audit functionality (available to all Nasuni customers at no additional charge) IT administrators can access the key data and metrics that they need to respond to routine audit questions and compliance reviews. Nasuni captures this information without affecting the performance of the production environment, unlike some compliance software, which significantly slows down the system. For more complex inquiries, end-users can provide the raw data to a specialized compliance and data analysis package or service provider for further analysis.

“Most companies are subject to some sort of regulatory oversight, whether it is HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA, or any of the other dozens of regulations out there that protect employee information and provide financial security and oversight.  With the growing financial (and reputational) impact of noncompliance, the ability to deal with compliance questions and IT audits is increasingly important for the enterprise,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. “Any cloud-integrated storage offering must enable IT to respond to these kinds of inquiries if it is to become the standard platform for primary storage. Nasuni is taking a leadership role on this issue; we expect other vendors to follow.”

Nasuni has already detailed its financial success in 2013, with bookings revenue growing 144 percent since 2012. But 2013 was also a big year for technology innovations, with the audit capability just the latest in a series of new features and functionality. Previous innovations include:

  • Nasuni Management Console (NMC): Enables IT to manage all of an organization’s data regardless of its physical location, empowering true IT storage agility and unparalleled data visibility. With the NMC, IT can manage data access, protection, security and storage capacity from a single console, without the need to do so through individual hardware components.
  • Cloud Mirroring: Users’ data resides in a primary cloud, while a copy of their data resides on a secondary cloud to which the customer can fail over in the event of a primary cloud outage or service interruption. The entire process is managed by Nasuni behind the scenes without any impact on performance or additional data management work from the customer.
  • Hardware Upgrade – HA and SSD:  With this expanded line of Nasuni Filers, the company’s cloud-integrated storage controllers, enterprise IT can optimize data storage to meet the needs of each location according to the number of users and the type of applications. SSD models are more than twice as fast as a traditional spinning disk, and HA models enable customers to complete non-disruptive software upgrades to the Filer, while also providing the confidence and assurance that data will always be available, even in the case of a hardware failure.
  • Storage Controller in the CloudThe virtual Nasuni Filer can be deployed in Amazon EC2 or Microsoft Azure, which makes it possible for organizations deploying all or part of their infrastructure in the cloud to use cloud storage just like traditional enterprise file storage.
  • Patent Awarded for UniFS®: The U.S. Patent Office awarded Nasuni a patent for UniFS (U.S. Patent No. 8,566,362), which enables Nasuni to create a versioned file system from the object-based storage infrastructure of public cloud storage providers.

Nasuni Filer 2014

“In 2013, Nasuni once again proved its commitment to storage innovation with the introduction of unique abilities like cloud mirroring and the Nasuni Management Console,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. ”Expect even more innovation and growth in 2014.”

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