Nasuni Accelerates Cloud File Storage Adoption in The Netherlands and Belgium

June 3, 2021

Launch of Nasuni Files for Google Cloud offers fast, affordable solution to replace Windows File Servers

03 June 2021 – Nasuni Corporation, a Google Cloud partner and leading provider of cloud file storage, today announced it is seeing strong demand from organisations in the Netherlands and Belgium seeking to lower cost and improve performance by shifting from siloes of on-premises file storage infrastructure to the Nasuni cloud file storage platform. With Nasuni, Dutch and Belgian organisations can now gain fast global access, centralised management from any location, and built-in data protection, at about half the total cost of traditional file infrastructure.

Nasuni is actively pursuing medium to large Dutch and Belgian businesses with legacy infrastructure who are struggling to adapt to the new boom in cloud applications and in workforces that are fully remote or operating in a hybrid environment. Nasuni’s one console provides customers with a single pane of glass to oversee and control their file storage from anywhere, any time.

“As Dutch and Belgian enterprises hurry to move away from on-premises infrastructure and consolidate in the cloud, the limitations of traditional NAS, file servers and backup are becoming more apparent,” said Jacco Gunsing, Regional Sales Manager, the Netherlands and Belgium at Nasuni. “With a cloud-based approach, our customers can effortlessly synchronise files across continents and cloud regions no matter how many locations they have, maintain high levels of productivity, consolidate complex data silos and sleep well at night knowing their data is automatically protected.”

Nasuni is currently supporting the likes of Adecco, Fugro, Vermeer Corporation, Coram Group, and Umicore in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Nasuni Files for Google Cloud

Nasuni also launched Nasuni Files for Google Cloud, a new product and migration service exclusively for Google Cloud that is now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace. The offering combines the cost optimization, global performance, and ease of use of Google Cloud object storage with the cloud-native global file system from Nasuni. The new cloud solution offers edge caching combined with SMB and NFS file access, built-in backup, disaster recovery, and multi-site file synchronization, that together eliminate the headaches of managing on-premises Windows File Servers. With this offering, Nasuni also addresses the risk and delay often associated with cloud migration and includes free onboarding and migration support.

“Secure and easy-to-manage data migration solutions have become increasingly important to organizations managing mass amounts of data,” said Manvinder Singh, Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud. “We’re pleased to have Nasuni Files now available on the Google Cloud Marketplace and provide customers with solutions that help them access and leverage their data across cloud environments.”

Andres Rodriguez, CTO of Nasuni said, “The business continuity risks and costs associated with operating and maintaining Windows File Servers have caused enterprises to seek low-impact approaches to cloud migration. With migration included in the Nasuni Files for Google Cloud monthly subscription price, we strive to make it as painless and risk-free as possible to move files to the Google Cloud platform and leave expensive, cumbersome on-premises file servers behind. By choosing Nasuni, customers can drive savings of up to 70%.”

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About Nasuni
Nasuni provides modern cloud file storage, powered by the world’s only cloud-native global file system. Nasuni is a cloud replacement for traditional network attached storage (NAS) and file server silos, consolidating file data in easily expandable cloud object storage at a fraction of the cost. Nasuni also eliminates the need for complex legacy backup and disaster recovery infrastructure, dramatically simplifying IT administration. Companies and organisations worldwide rely on Nasuni to easily access and share files globally from the office, home or on the road. Sectors served by Nasuni include manufacturing, construction, creative services, technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, oil and gas, financial services, and public sector agencies. Nasuni’s corporate headquarters is based in Boston, Massachusetts, USA delivering services in over 70 countries around the globe. For more information,

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