Moving Data To The Cloud: 16 Offerings Taking Advantage Of Existing Clouds

Offerings Taking Advantage Of Existing Clouds | Nasuni|Offerings Taking Advantage Of Existing Clouds | Nasuni

November 29, 2016

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Using some type of public storage cloud is only as good as the technology that lets solution providers help customers take advantage of such clouds.

CRN takes a look at a number of technologies that bring already-existing storage clouds to customers as an alternative to building clouds to spec. Here’s a look at the possibilities.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services takes advantage of private or public clouds and on-premise edge appliances to deliver a file storage offering that provides unlimited capacity, access from anywhere to the global file share, and automatic data protection. The offering, from Natick, Mass.-based Nasuni, lets partners offer their distributed enterprise customers modern file storage system that addresses issues around access, capacity and data protection.

Nasuni Enterprise File Services combines local edge appliances and cloud storage to provide global access to data with local performance and infinite scalability. In addition, the offering addresses data protection, archiving, security, and file data storage management issues.

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