Nasuni Maximizes Data Protection with Cloud Mirroring

Nasuni Maximizes Data Protection with Cloud Mirroring|Nasuni Maximizes Data Protection with Cloud Mirroring

August 6, 2013

First in the Industry to Offer Mirroring to a Second Cloud Without Requiring Additional Bandwidth or Transfers; Nasuni Handles Everything in the Background

NATICK, Mass. – Aug. 6, 2013 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today announced the availability of Cloud Mirroring. This new feature is designed to provide customers an even higher level of availability and redundancy. Cloud Mirroring delivers unmatched data protection in the cloud that is stronger than any other cloud storage provider or cloud-integrated storage solution can offer.

Nasuni provides a simple, unified storage service via on-premise hardware that looks and feels like a traditional storage controller, but gains the advantages of the cloud by incorporating cloud storage in much the same way that a traditional storage array uses commodity disk drives. With Cloud Mirroring, users’ data resides in a primary cloud, while a copy of their data resides on a secondary cloud, and the entire process is managed by the Nasuni service behind the scenes. Nasuni’s unique management of the entire cloud-based storage enables synchronization of customer data between clouds without any additional data management work for the customer. Cloud Mirroring is delivered seamlessly to users, allowing them to focus on managing their data while Nasuni manages the back-end.

“Customers have made it clear that there’s no such thing as too much data protection when it comes to cloud storage,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “In true Nasuni fashion, we wanted to be the first to give the enterprise Cloud Mirroring functionality that’s simple to use and adds no additional bandwidth demand. All of our customers are still covered by our SLA, but for those who want to go the extra mile to protect their data, only Nasuni offers Cloud Mirroring.”

While Nasuni’s customers have never experienced a service outage, the additional redundancy of Cloud Mirroring will provide peace of mind to customers. In the extremely rare event that the primary cloud goes down or loses data, the secondary cloud will provide complete protection, and all without allocating additional bandwidth or executing additional transfers.

“Our CAD drawings are critical to our business. Any disruption in access or corruption of those files would do immeasurable harm,” said Mike Driscoll, infrastructure architect at The Walsh Group. “Cloud providers have proven themselves worthy when it comes to reliability, but we value the redundancy of a second cloud when data is this critical. Between Nasuni’s SLA and Cloud Mirroring, we can rest easy at night knowing our data, the lifeblood of our business, is safe and always available.  This example of innovative solutions to address customer problems is a primary reason we chose to partner with Nasuni for our storage needs.”

“Protecting cloud-based data – both to extremes and yet with ease – is one of the main barriers users cite to adopting, or extending their use of, cloud storage services”, stated Mark Peters, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Nasuni’s innovative Cloud Mirroring capability is seamless to use, and should help allay such concerns. Not only is it a feature that helps Nasuni differentiate its service, but it is also testimony to the growing maturity of storage solutions that integrate the cloud.”

About Nasuni
Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides globally-distributed organizations with a simple, unified storage solution that includes mobile access for all of their remote and branch offices. By combining on-premise hardware with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure, all-in-one data storage solution that provides local performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete remote office storage solution for the enterprise.

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