Inteva to Standardize on Nasuni Unified Storage in Locations Spanning 18 Countries and Four Continents

Global Unified Storage Implemented in 18 Countries – Nasuni|Global Unified Storage Implemented in 18 Countries – Nasuni

February 13, 2013

Inteva Products, a Multi-Billion Dollar Global Tier-One Supplier to Major Car Manufacturers, Will Use Nasuni to Transform its Data Storage and Access Infrastructure Across the Globe

NATICK, Mass. – February 13, 2013 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to large, distributed organizations, today announced that Inteva Products will deploy Nasuni to address the challenges associated with controlling, storing and accessing data across geographic boundaries.  Nasuni’s storage-infrastructure-as-a-service solution uses an on-site appliance that integrates public cloud storage as a key component.  It will be the primary storage solution in manufacturing plants, engineering, finance, sales, and marketing offices. These locations are distributed across 18 countries on four continents.

Inteva was founded in 2008, when private investors bought Delphi’s global interiors and closures businesses. Inteva more than doubled to more than 40 locations in 2011 with the acquisition of ArvinMeritor’s Body Systems group.

Due to the rapid growth, Dennis Hodges, Inteva’s CIO, faced a daunting task. Inteva’s IT systems were outdated and needed to be upgraded, but he also needed to keep IT strategic investment at less than 1 percent of revenue. The storage infrastructure represented one of his biggest challenges. For example, engineering teams in Germany and India needed to access large CAD files for their work, but transferring files between the two offices could take six hours. In addition, the backup process at each site was expensive and ineffective.

“I knew there had to be a better way to update the storage infrastructure than buying small SANs and putting them on site,” Hodges said. “When I heard about Nasuni and what the company did, I knew it was right up our alley.”

Given his capital limitations, Hodges works to take care of as many of his infrastructure needs through the operating budget as possible, so he was attracted to Nasuni’s terabyte per year subscription service, in which he pays only for usable storage. With direct access to the data in every office, Engineers would finally have fast, local access to the most recent version of CAD files, eliminating the need to wait hours for downloads to complete. Backups are built-in with Nasuni, which would eliminate a massive operational headache, and all locations could be managed centrally, which would free up local IT personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives

Finally, the ability to offer the executive offices access to sales, marketing and other data via their mobile devices in a secure, centrally managed way was very appealing, as it would enable the 10 percent of employees that are mobile to access the files they need with ease.

“At Inteva, we want to spend our capital on tools and equipment, so as much as possible, I do everything through operating expenses,” Hodges said. “We went to Nasuni because it allowed us to provide a unified storage infrastructure to all our locations around the globe, entirely out of our operating budget. It was exactly the solution I’d been trying to find for years.”

“Manufacturers have complex challenges with their storage infrastructure,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “They’re often dealing with very large files, and must support dozens of locations spread across the globe. When you’re growing like Inteva, both organically and through acquisition, the increasing number of locations only adds to the complexity.  With Nasuni, manufactures now have a way to provide uniform storage infrastructure in every office and just as importantly, uniform local access to critical company data – all without any impact to the capital budget.”

More on Nasuni in Manufacturing
For more information on how manufacturing organizations can benefit from Nasuni, please visit You can also watch a short video on how The Cooley Group, an industrial manufacturer of coated fabrics, is using Nasuni to unify its storage infrastructure across its facilities.

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Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides globally-distributed organizations with a simple, unified storage solution that includes mobile access for all of their remote and branch offices. By combining on-premise hardware with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure, all-in-one data storage solution that provides local performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete remote office storage solution for the enterprise.

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