Nasuni Hits Milestone: 3 Million Customer Files Being Managed and Secured

Nasuni Hits Milestone: 3 Million Files Being Managed – Nasuni|Nasuni Hits Milestone: 3 Million Files Being Managed – Nasuni

July 27, 2010

NATICK, Mass., July 27, 2010 – Less than six months since its debut, Nasuni™, the leading gateway to cloud storage, today announced that business customers using the Nasuni Filer virtual NAS are securely storing more than 3 million files with major cloud storage providers such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Iron Mountain Archive Services Platform (ASP), Nirvanix Storage Delivery Network (SDN) and Rackspace Cloud Files.

More than 324,000 files per week have been moved to cloud storage by Nasuni since early February – the majority from Nasuni customers in the mid-market, a category where the cost of capacity growth is a major concern. Nasuni customers benefit from a pay-as-you-go pricing structure, with a flat monthly fee or annual plans, plus the actual amount of cloud storage used.

“In our business we consume massive amounts of storage, and are always looking for ways to reduce our costs,” said Jim Sokoloff, VP of Technology for a top Internet retailer. “Nasuni gives us flexibility by providing a simple way to integrate local, primary storage with the unlimited capacity and cost benefits of the cloud while removing the security issues.”

Nasuni draws on all the benefits of the cloud – practically unlimited capacity and reliability – and overcomes its weaknesses through a secure, high-performance virtual appliance.  Installation and setup in a virtual environment is easy and no additional hardware is required. The Nasuni Filer encrypts files and sends them to the cloud or clouds of the customer’s choice.

“Rapid adoption of the Nasuni Filer verifies that we are providing a viable alternative to infrastructure expansion for swelling volumes of business data while simplifying file management and significantly reducing costs,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “Storage growth, whether in sheer capacity or the number of files being managed, is usually a trigger for IT managers to look for ways around a costly upgrade but many have shied away before now because of security concerns.  Not only do we make security a top priority but our customers know that we provide a smarter solution than continuing to add to the hardware proliferation of their current network infrastructure.”

Nasuni recently completed a demonstration of its OpenPGP implementation where hackers were invited to infiltrate data that had been encrypted but stored in a publicly available Amazon S3 bucket. For more details of the company’s success in protecting data stored via the Nasuni Filer, see:

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Nasuni delivers the leading cloud storage gateway that makes storage as a service into a practical business solution. The Nasuni Filer is a virtual NAS file server that runs on VMware and leverages the resources of the cloud to simplify file storage and protection. Targeting the mid-market, Nasuni’s solution eliminates the need for incremental storage hardware and the resulting capital expense to manage unstructured file growth. The company is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners and Sigma Partners. To download the Nasuni Filer, or for more information, visit

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