Case Study

TGI Fridays

Maintaining that timeless appeal requires constant innovation, and the IT leadership at TGI Fridays recognized the benefits of cloud file storage earlier than many leading enterprises. Initially, the company moved its file data to the cloud through a StorSimple gateway device.

When TGI Fridays IT learned this device would no longer be supported, they launched a rigorous evaluation of their alternatives. In their search, Infrastructure Team Lead Michael Oehlert and Systems Administrator Victor Martinez of TGI Fridays came across Nasuni. The technical architecture of the Nasuni File Data Platform immediately appealed to the pair, and the fact that several of its industry competitors were already relying on Nasuni was an important validation. Soon, TGI Fridays made the decision to migrate its file data from StorSimple to Nasuni. Read more in the case study.

  • Retail
  • 20% cost reduction
  • easy StorSimple replacement
  • unlimited on-demand storage
  • rapid ransomware recovery
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