Case Study

Foran Glennon

Global Law Firm Relies on Nasuni for Global File Infrastructure

Foran Glennon depends on Nasuni to store, protect, and collaborate on files – and extend its geographic reach.

The law firm Foran Glennon believes in ongoing communication with its clients to keep them informed on every development. In the legal industry, it is difficult to anticipate storage needs. The volumes of file data coming in through e-discovery is growing larger and larger, but this growth is completely unpredictable. Clients come in at different times, and, depending on the type of case, generate varying amounts of unstructured file data. Yet all these files must be securely stored, protected, and managed. Saddled with capacity-constrained, inflexible storage hardware, the firm needed a cloud file storage solution that would scale capacity rapidly, without having to procure, rack, and configure hardware. Nasuni provided the firm with modern file infrastructure that adjusts to fit the needs of its fast-moving, growing business. Today, the firm enjoys unlimited capacity on-demand, high performance file collaboration across locations, and fast disaster recovery.

  • Professional Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • file server consolidation
  • global file collaboration
  • unlimited capacity on-demand
  • 5- minute RPO and RTO
  • fast file synchronization
  • 15-minute disaster recovery
  • 50% cost reduction
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