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Customer Stories | Case Study: Ramboll

Engineering & Architecture Giant Deploys 3 PB of Agile, Collaborative Cloud File Storage with Nasuni®

Industry: Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Global File System: Nasuni

Cloud Storage: Microsoft Azure Storage

Use Cases:

NAS & File Server Silo Consolidation; File Backup & Recovery; Global File Sharing/Collaboration


Unlimited, on-demand file server capacity; a single global namespace for all sites; faster file recoveries; agile, adaptive infrastructure; more efficient global workflows

Ramboll tires of management headaches, slow recoveries, and silos of file data associated with traditional storage

Founded in Denmark in 1945, Ramboll is a leading engineering, architecture, and consultancy firm with 16,500 employees in 35 countries and 300 remote offices. The company partners with clients to create the infrastructure behind sustainable societies in which both people and nature can flourish. On a given project, Ramboll combines local experience with a global knowledge base, tapping the expertise of engineers and architects all over the world. As Ramboll built on this collaborative model, the company’s IT leaders realized it would benefit from a new kind of file storage infrastructure.
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