Tardigrades, TGI Fridays & More: The 2022 Nasuni Holiday Gift Guide

December 13, 2022 | Mackenzie LeBert Tardigrades, TGI Fridays & More: The 2022 Nasuni Holiday Gift Guide

We’re in the last stretch of the holiday season, and many of us here at Nasuni have been too focused on closing out the company’s banner year to get all our shopping done. But we have a unique advantage. When we run out of ideas, especially for those hard-to-gift types in our lives, we scan our growing list of retail customers for inspiration. A quick look at these leading brands yields an idea for just about anyone, from the little kid to the grown-up geek.

The Book Worm

Yes, you can absolutely go to our cloud partner Amazon to find something for the book lovers in your life, but when you need the recommendation of a bookseller, and you need those pages quickly, retail mainstay Barnes & Noble is your best bet. Like many other customers in 2022, the bookseller upgraded to Nasuni as its StorSimple neared EOL, and it’s all simplicity, savings, and scale for B&N from here on out.

The Kids

Whether you’re shopping for your own kids, your nieces or nephews, or the little ones of your friends, we’ve got you covered. Mattel, a Nasuni customer since 2019, has action figures, toys, and board games for every kid. The clothing retailer Carter’s, a branded marketer of apparel for babies and young children, has been entrusting Nasuni with its file data management since 2020. Need something for the teens? Urban Outfitters is your best bet. We helped them migrate off StorSimple in 2018, and they’ve been a valued customer ever since.

The Handyman

Maybe there’s an aspiring or actual handyman in your life? Duluth Trading Company, a Nasuni customer since 2019, has everything you need to at least help the person look the part. Check out their website for stocking stuffers and small gifts, too.

The Traveler

Looking to go big? A once-in-a-lifetime trip to a FIVE hotel and resort in Zurich, Dubai, or one of the luxury brand’s other locations would be worth exploring. This modern hotelier was looking to modernize their file infrastructure when they discovered Nasuni and soon made the transition.

The Chocolate-Lover

You can’t really go wrong with chocolate as a gift, and you definitely can’t go wrong with San Francisco staple Ghirardelli. The brand switched to Nasuni to accelerate collaboration between locations and strengthen data protection. They’re a relatively new customer, but we think the chocolate tastes even better now that Nasuni is managing their file data.

The Happy Hour All-Star

Every day is Friday at one of the most beloved restaurant chains in the U.S., and a gift certificate from TGI Fridays is never a bad idea for anyone who appreciates a quality meal and good cheer. Your dinner is guaranteed ransomware-free, too, since Fridays made the switch to Nasuni from StorSimple.

The Geek

A visit to Nasuni customer GameStop is an easy way to find something to make the gamer in your life happy, and if you want to get a little more creative, check out the Field Museum’s holiday shop for some one-of-a-kind and delightfully nerdy science gifts. I mean, who doesn’t want a plush tardigrade?

Hopefully this list gives you a few ideas. But if you’re still not sure, you could always visit Williams Sonoma, a stalwart Nasuni customer since 2014, or an everything store like BJ’s Wholesale Club, one of our more recent customers. Whichever retailer you pick, here’s to a relaxing and renewing holiday with your loved ones from your friends at Nasuni!

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