Fortune 500 Nasuni Customers Gain a Sneak Peek into Capturing Big Data

Nasuni recently welcomed 10 of our most strategic, industry-leading customers to our 2019-2020 Customer Advisory Board, here are the highlights.

November 7, 2019

There’s nothing more exhilarating for a technology company than to hear directly from customers on how using your products has transformed their businesses.  At Nasuni, we were fortunate to have that experience as we welcomed 10 of our most strategic and industry-leading customers to our 2019-2020 Customer Advisory Board (CAB). This meeting marks the beginning of our 3rd annual CAB session where we get to hear directly from representatives of leading gaming, communications and beverage companies about what they like (and don’t like) about our product, strategy, messaging, support, etc. We also got to bounce around new ideas for products, demo new solutions, and try new messaging campaigns. Most importantly, we were able to listen to IT leaders tell us what’s most important in their management of exploding unstructured data and what they need from us to solve their most challenging storage issues.

After spending the morning hearing from each of the companies represented in the CAB, we gave them an overview of the latest product enhancements currently in development and a peek into what we intend to deliver in 2020.  We also went deep into our agile approach to product development and feature delivery and how we will be innovating around the core Nasuni global file system.

Unstructured data becomes big data

Customers heard about features that will enable them to ingest data more quickly into the Nasuni platform and leverage the data with a connector that allows them to utilize cloud services to further mine and analyze the data that they have stored in Nasuni. Our customers are very excited about the possibilities that our new Analytics Connector service can deliver for providing deeper insights from their unstructured data.  One commented that this new feature allows him to “turn my unstructured data into big data.” We demonstrated the Analytics Connector by showing how to use it along with a public cloud service to identify which files in a software library had sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII) data.

End user access

During the session, we also teed up a new set of web/mobile/sync file services for end user access to data in the Nasuni platform.  One of the best parts of the day was the interaction between the CAB members as they discussed how this new capability could be used in their environment. Some were not completely sold on the idea at first, but by the end of the discussion, they advocated Nasuni bringing this capability to market.  Several wanted to be part of our early access program and, of course, we signed them up on the spot.

Creating a customer community

Finally, we provided a peek into the feature streams concept that we are intending to deliver in 2020 to get their feedback on both the set of new features along with our incremental approach. The response was very positive to both the roadmap of new features and feature stream approach. One theme that did come out of this session was that we needed to announce new capabilities in a timelier period, especially if we intend to deliver in rapid increments in 2020. That gave us the opportunity to showcase our new Customer Community portal and talk about how we intend to leverage that as a vehicle for announcing new capabilities and providing technical guidance for customers. The new Nasuni Community portal is coming online for all customers the week of November 4.

In today’s fast paced world, everyone is busy, overworked, and overwhelmed with barely enough time to finish the minimum set of tasks.  It’s hard to take a full day out of that schedule to interact with a technology vendor and provide them feedback on their products and strategy.  At Nasuni, we are extremely fortunate to have representatives from 10 of the world’s leading organizations (a real who’s who) take the time out of their busy schedules to travel to Boston in mid-October (the weather cooperated). They shared genuine interactions with their peers and the company with the goal of helping us deliver an ever-improving set of technology to enable them to solve their most challenging unstructured data storage problems.

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