Architecture & Engineering

Increased Productivity and Cost Savings

With employees ranging from headquarters to branch and remote offices to project teams on-site, Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies know the meaning of “distributed teams” more than any other industry. Collaboration isn’t a buzzword here, it’s a real business need in a highly competitive industry. As organizations grow and teams are stretched further and further apart, AEC enterprises need a way to deliver fast access to a shared set of data around the world.

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Uniform Storage and Protection

Manufacturing companies require offices and teams spread throughout the world to compete in a global marketplace. Each location demands its own IT resources – including shared storage. As the enterprise grows, the business adds new offices and plants throughout the world, further burdening the already complex IT structure often managed by a small team. With efficiency and uptime top of mind in any manufacturing organization, IT needs to be able to deliver infrastructure that is always on and does not disrupt, but supports, the end users.

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World-Class Solution for Litigation Support

IT teams at law firms face the unique challenge driven by the combination of exponential growth of electronically stored information (ESI) and the near-instant demand for additional storage caused by a new case or Litigation Support initiative. Litigation Support, in particular, requires that ESI be stored and managed in a way that ensures its absolute defensibility in a court of law – anything else would render it inadmissible.

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All Industries

See Where Nasuni Fits in Your Organization

At it’s core, Nasuni is traditional file storage. Because it integrates with existing IT infrastructure, it works well with all organization types and sizes. Nasuni customers range from oil exploration firms to leading universities. See our diverse group of customers and learn why Nasuni is just like the storage your used to – but much better.

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