Accelerate Revit Synchronization Across Sites | Nasuni

Accelerate Revit Synchronization Across Sites

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) firms have opened offices in different locations over time to better serve clients. Large Revit models now need to be accessed from different offices around the world while being kept in sync.

Watch this webinar recording if you’ve tried to:

  • Ship hard drives with Revit projects between offices.
  • Force architects and engineers to drag large BIM files over meager WAN links.
  • Set up expensive VDI environments only to have sluggish UI experiences.
  • Fly workers to different offices so they can work locally.

You’ll learn how firms like AECOM, Perkins+Will, and Walsh Construction are using Amazon, Azure, EMC, or IBM object storage with Nasuni’s global file system to:

  • Accelerate Sync with Central, Reload Latest, and other Revit processes.
  • Provide fast local access to large Revit models created in other locations.
  • Speed up open times for models with many linked files.
  • Enable collaboration on worksets in shared mode while maintaining version control.