How Nasuni and the Cloud Reduce Risk and Improve Global File Access in These Volatile Times

The oil and gas industry operates in an extremely risky global environment. Political, economic, environmental, and social volatility puts pressure on the entire supply chain. The cloud can release some of that pressure by improving operational efficiencies for both operators and service providers by consolidating the massive amount of file data created from Seismic surveys and models, as well as files created from CAD and architecture software tools.  
In this session, you’ll hear from Neil McCrindle, Oil & Gas Global Sector Lead at Nasuni and David Ranson, Solution Architect Manager at Nasuni on how the cloud is speeding up the data interpretation process and streamlining IT resources and processes.   
You will learn how the cloud and Nasuni’s global files services platform will:   

  • Eliminate up to 50% of your current infrastructure costs  
  • Make sharing, collaborating, and scaling large files dramatically easier.  
  • Boost productivity & provide improved services to geo-scientists & file users