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Data Center Consolidation

Moving your Data Centers to the cloud can be complicated. Nasuni makes it simple, here’s how.

Video Transcript

So wouldn’t it be great if we could get to an environment with data center consolidation? You know, there’s proven ways to do that for compute some other solutions but how do you do that for file? Because file is really the resource that takes up the most space in your data center – the tape backup libraries, the SANs, everything else that you have in place for that. How could you lift and shift that to the data center? Wouldn’t that be great. You could absolutely do that, but moving a workload from an office in New York and moving it across the country to Chicago that’s not going to work for your end users. The latency will be too high, the bandwidth isn’t available so how do you have rapid and performant storage for local applications yet have that data at rest in the data center or in the cloud for it to be accessible for those local users. That is really the challenge and Nasuni has a unique solution for that challenge. By deploying Nasuni you get fast local access to your files even though the files are at rest in your data center. At the same time, you get integrated DR and backup – no more tape libraries, no more dedicated backup software to manage any of that. It’s built into the product. At the same time your problems with capacity are also
solved. Volumes grow without any intervention. You can have the space that you need for your users. You’re no longer getting calls that you’re running out of space. It’s transformative. At the same time you have a single pane of glass for management. All of those local access endpoints, the Nasuni Edge Appliances that you’ve deployed, are managed from one pane of glass and can be managed by a central team, solving all the challenges that existed before you had data center consolidation and Nasuni.