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Oil & Gas

Reducing Time-to-Oil and IT Costs for Energy Producers and Service Providers by moving large seismic data, 3D CAD renderings, and interpretation models to the cloud

Gain a Competitive Advantage and Accelerate Time-to-Oil with a Modern Cloud-based File Storage Infrastructure

Local Edge Hardware Reduction up to 98% and never run out of disk space again

Cloud Scale, Local Performance with Nasuni Edge Appliances and optimized caching

Make Better Drilling Decisions by making it easier to get the data in front of multiple geo-scientists

Traditional Backups are a Thing of the Past with Continuous File Versioning® keeping you safe

High-speed Global File Synchronization to access project files at any office and site location

Optimized for Engineering Applications so architects and engineers can work with teams around the globe

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Learn how Nasuni improves IT efficiencies, significantly lowers costs, and reduces risk for oil & gas producers

“Nasuni synchronizes all our file data, gives our users the performance of local access and enables us to effectively address an ever-growing volume of files while making it possible to easily and securely share those files with our employees no matter where they are located.”

Mike Driscoll
Infrastructure Architect, The Walsh Group

Nasuni Cloud File Services for Oil & Gas Producers and Service Providers

Nasuni lets producers and service providers consolidate all business file data, including large seismic and modeling data, from every location in the cloud. At the same time, Nasuni makes this file data accessible at local network speeds through lightweight edge caching appliances.

How Cloud File Services Can Transform Your Business

Learn how cloud-based file storage helps Oil & Gas providers
Nasuni for Oil & Gas
UniFS® - A True Global File System