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Oil & Gas

Maximize your cash flow with a more efficient file storage infrastructure.

Make the Switch from CapEx to OpEx Now

Make the switch from CapEx to OpEx and gain control of exploding storage costs. Reduce your file infrastructure costs by up to 70% – not just for primary storage, but for backup, replication, and disaster recovery systems. With modern file infrastructure, you can dial storage capacity up or down to meet your business needs exactly, and never overpay.

“With Nasuni, everyone now has local access to all files and IT still has centralized control because we’re able to deploy Nasuni Edge Appliances in every office for local performance and manage them from HQ. It doesn’t matter if it is two locations or twenty because they are all managed the same.”

Sandy Bodell
VP of Information Technology, Cooley Group
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Support Your Acquisition and Divestment Strategy

Infrastructure needs to support business agility. Fortunately, new options in file infrastructure allow you to more rapidly integrate new business acquisitions, and just as easily segregate divestments. As you move your energy portfolio to higher profitability, storage infrastructure based on a global file system can keep pace.

“Traditionally, offices were siloed, independent entities, but now we’ve become a much more collaborative environment with offices working together–teams on the East Coast working on West Coast projects. Nasuni synchronizes all our file data, gives our users the performance of local access and enables us to effectively address an ever-growing volume of files while making it possible to easily and securely share those files with our employees no matter where they are located.”

Mike Driscoll
Infrastructure Architect, The Walsh Group

Increase the Value of Your Exploration and Production Data

Exploration and production data can grow in value over time – so your file infrastructure needs to provide unlimited capacity and stress-free backup, plus the ability to retain data as long as it’s needed. With modern file infrastructure, backed by the power of public or private object storage, you can achieve the ideal balance of retention, access and cost.

Put Your Infrastructure in an OPEX Model and Save 70%

Eliminate expensive file sharing solutions like WAN acceleration, MPLS, and replication software. The days of needing separate solutions for sharing files, backing them up, storing and protecting them are over. Nasuni allows you to put file storage in an OpEx model and streamline your infrastructure with a single solution that combines NAS, cloud backup, and disaster recovery (DR) – saving companies up to 70%.

“One of the goals we set was to migrate to the cloud as quickly as we could, but we were seeing that as years away, then Nasuni entered the picture and it was instant cloud infrastructure. We were able to accelerate our timeline.”

Brian Erickson
IT Implementation and Acquisition Manager, APi Group

Why the Energy Sector Needs a Global File System


Nasuni Cloud File Services combines the best of a global file system with the best of enterprise NAS. The solution offers unlimited primary and archive file storage, collaboration and file synchronization, plus fast, distributed local access. Cloud backup and DR are built-in at no extra cost.

That’s why leading energy sector companies are consolidating their distributed file storage into one, modern solution that saves them money, and streamlines their file infrastructure management.

The result is a single platform that can easily integrate new business storage requirements and manage business change. With its ability to provide long term retention of unlimited file versions in WORM format, it can also support optimizing the value of your energy sector data.


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