Warm your fingers by the bonfire of vanity on-premises storage

Warm Your Fingers Ny The Bonfire of Vanity On-Premises Storage

October 30, 2015

The Register

Rome’s burning faster than thought but slower than hoped

Public cloud storage supporters couldn’t hope for a better cheerleader than Nasuni CEO Andres Rodriguez, whose company provides cloud storage gateways, including an on-premises caching device.

He hammered a nail in the on-premises storage coffin here in June, and is across the water in Europe again to swing the hammer one more time.

So what’s new?

Rodriguez is playing the scaling card, saying you can’t keep on amassing filer boxes in your mid-market, on-premises data centers. The only alternative, apart from deleting files, is scaling inside the public cloud – i.e., inside somebody else’s data center, where you can keep on piling up virtual rented filers.

And for that you need cheap hardware capacity and a file system designed to scale, like Nasuni’s filer and UniFS.

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