Nasuni & EMC Technology Connect Deliver Global File Systems

November 4, 2014

Nasuni Now Compatible with EMC ViPR, EMC ECS Appliance, powered by ViPR

NATICK, Mass. – November 4, 2014 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to global organizations, today announced that it joined the EMC Technology Connect Program and has successfully completed API compatibility requirements for interoperability with EMC VIPR Software-defined Storage and ECS Appliance solutions.

With the combined solution, customers can use Nasuni to transform their object-based private clouds into a global file system that provides all employees in all locations fast access to files that are automatically synced. Nasuni combines distributed access with centralized control, enabling unified access to data while simplifying infrastructure and lowering costs. Local Nasuni Filers intelligently cache the frequently accessed data and provide local performance, while EMC ViPR or EMC ECS Appliance private cloud storage solutions act as the central hub.

“Increasingly, we’ve had very large customers ask us whether Nasuni could do for private clouds what we have already done for public cloud,” said Warren Mead, VP Business Development at Nasuni. “We can, and this relationship with EMC enables these large enterprises to transform their EMC-powered, object-based, private cloud into a truly global file system, with secure mobile access to files, central management, global file synchronization and built-in data protection.”

“We are excited about the partnership between EMC and Nasuni”, said Stephen West, Managing Partner of RoundTower Technologies. “We have worked closely with Nasuni over the past year and a number of our customers are seeing the benefits of the Nasuni Service. The combination of Nasuni’s global file system with EMC ViPR and ECS will provide RoundTower customers with a complete cloud storage solution and unlimited user access to data.”

“Both EMC and Nasuni have been developing some of the most interesting and useful cloud storage solutions, with Nasuni transforming the public cloud into a global file system, and EMC giving the enterprise solutions for creating a modern private cloud,” said Terri McClure, Senior Analyst at ESG. “Bringing these two solutions together to create a global file system from the private cloud makes a great deal of sense and should give large enterprises a robust, secure, synchronized corporate file share that their employees can access from anywhere in the world.

About Nasuni
Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides global organizations with a simple, unified storage solution. By combining on-premises hardware with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure, all-in-one data storage solution that provides local performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete storage service for the global enterprise. Nasuni is privately held and based in Boston, MA. For more information, visit

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