Nasuni Enhances Revit Support and Introduces New NF-50 Appliance

Nasuni Enhances Revit Support and Introduces New NF-50 Appliance

December 2, 2014

Nasuni Service 6.2 Update Introduces New Entry-Level Desktop Appliance; Enhances Support for Revit with Advanced Global File Locking

NATICK, Mass. – December 2, 2014 – Nasuni®, a provider of enterprise storage to global organizations, today announced the immediate availability of the Nasuni Service version 6.2 with enhanced global file locking support for Revit Worksharing features. Revit is Autodesk’s popular building design software specifically created for Building Information Modeling (BIM). Nasuni is also introducing a new entry-level desktop appliance, the NF-50 Filer, adding to the broad range of Nasuni Filers now available.

Using the Nasuni Service, architects and engineers working on projects all over the world can eliminate long wait times for complex Revit operations. Opening a Revit file across the WAN goes from 20 minutes or more to just seconds. With support for the Worksharing features in a Revit Project, users in global organizations can now execute ‘Save to Central’ commands in order to synchronize the elements in their work sets around the world at near LAN level performance. The Central File is made available globally via the Nasuni Service and protected from conflicts with Nasuni’s uniquely scalable cloud-based global file locking. The Nasuni Service gives organizations complete central monitoring and management of their storage in every location. Nasuni 6.2 adds enhanced file locking capabilities, along with more rapid initial file synchronizations via the global locking service.

“Revit/BIM and CAD applications in general present unique challenges to distributed end-users in AEC organizations like ours. The Nasuni service certainly met our initial file sharing goals for our CAD applications, but IT wanted to challenge it further to meet another goal — to deliver the high performance and fast project open and synchronization times our BIM end-users wanted in Revit,” said Don Richhart, Network Administrator for KJWW, an international engineering consulting firm specializing in healthcare, higher education, K-12, commercial, government and industrial buildings. “After working closely with Nasuni, we can now eliminate the need for Revit Server and still provide shared access to central projects, models, and drawings on our workstations, laptops, or even iOS and Android mobile devices. Nasuni’s cloud-based global file locking technology supports share mode file locking which is used by Revit so our end-users can safely collaborate on files no matter where in the world they happen to be based.”

Today’s global enterprises face serious data challenges. The demand for storage grows unabated, and employees and executives expect high-performance access to their files no matter where they are located or what kind of device they are using. Data loss remains unacceptable, but the days of 24-hour or multi-day recovery point objectives are over. Finally, enterprise IT needs to be able to manage all global storage from a single management console and all data must be encrypted using keys owned and controlled by IT alone.

Traditional storage infrastructure will always fall short, no matter how advanced it may be. The Nasuni Service overcomes the limitations of legacy storage systems using the patented UniFS® Global File System. Data is no longer bound to — or limited by — storage hardware. Thanks to Nasuni’s UniFS, the data can be made available anywhere around the world, managed and protected, without replicating physical copies and without contention since there is only one master source of the data. This kind of file data virtualization drastically reduces the cost and burden of storing and managing end-user file data, and gives IT a fast, easy way to scale enterprise storage to any number of locations across the globe.


As part of the 6.2 release, Nasuni is also introducing a new entry-level desktop appliance, the NF-50 Filer. The NF-50 provides full support for the Nasuni service and joins the extensive lineup of Nasuni Filers now available. The NF-50 is ideal for smaller office locations that require high-performance access to data but can’t or don’t want to install rack-mount infrastructure.

This latest release of The Nasuni Service builds on Nasuni’s recent 6.0 release, which added powerful new functionality, including:

  • Cloud-based global file locking: Enables worldwide collaboration with the storage industry’s first cloud-scale global lock that has no single point of failure.
  • Laptop file synchronization: Nasuni’s desktop and laptop synchronization builds on its existing mobile data access capabilities. Employees can choose a folder on their PC for local files that will not only be synchronized back to the Nasuni service where they will be protected, but files are also available to the rest of an employee’s devices, including desktops, Apple iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Expanded protocol access: Nasuni data has long been available through the CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and HTTPS protocols. Nasuni 6.0 added FTP and Secure FTP access and a “mixed mode” that combines access on NFS and CIFS/SMB protocols to provide better access and availability for mixed Windows and Linux customers.

“Large Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) firms face formidable challenges as they expand globally. They demand high performance access to lots of files — big files — in many locations. There is a strong desire to increase overall productivity by having teams share projects across locations,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “The Nasuni Service has become the natural choice for AEC firms with a global footprint and Nasuni is committed to addressing their needs by delivering a robust, high performance global file system.”

The 6.2 software upgrade to the Nasuni Service is now shipping and available at no additional charge to all current Nasuni customers as part of their standard service agreement.

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