Nasuni CEO: ‘We’re going to liberate you from the bottleneck around your files’

Nasuni CEO: ‘We’re going to liberate you.’

January 26, 2017

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Company challenging EMC and NetApp with cloud-powered virtual appliances and services

When it comes to file systems, scale is the enemy, according to Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. And the best weapon in the battle for scale is the cloud. Nasuni claims to have developed the first cloud-native file system, delivering not only virtually unlimited scale in the cloud but rapid access to files from locations around the world.

Instead of deploying more and more on-site storage – and dealing with costly, painful upgrades – Nasuni delivers a virtual machine (or appliance) that handles local needs while using the cloud for the heavy storage lifting. You buy capacity, not boxes, and that makes it easier to budget and plan for growth, per Rodriguez.

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