Interview with Nasuni: customizing, shipping and supporting systems around the world

Dell OEM Interview with Nasuni: Supporting Systems Around the World|Dell OEM Interview with Nasuni: Supporting Systems Around the World

December 1, 2016

Dell-Logo-2016Continuing with our Dell Server customer interview series, I recently had the chance to talk with Nasuni’s Fred Pinkett, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Management and Jay Ferren, Senior Director of Supply Chain Operations. Here’s our conversation:

Ravi Pendekanti: Thanks for talking with me today, Fred and Jay. To kick things off, could you give us some background information on Nasuni and what your role is there?

Fred: Nasuni provides a hybrid solution to store, protect, share and access all enterprise files. It is powered by UniFS, the world’s first cloud-native file system. The combination of cloud storage and local edge appliances enables unlimited scale, continuous versioning and high-performance distributed file access. I am responsible for product marketing content, Nasuni’s hardware product, and other product marketing and management functions.


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