Fave Raves: 34 tech pros share favorite IT products

April 16, 2015

Network-World-Fave-Raves-2015IT pros find peace of mind through hybrid cloud storage and enterprise backup and disaster recovery technologies.

Nasuni is a favorite “For a number of reasons, but the largest being that Nasuni enabled us to give our employees LAN-speed access to company files, without the need to deploy additional infrastructure. All of our files now live in their cloud service, while appliances on premises cache the most frequently used files. This is a really big deal for us, because we only have one data center for our 30+ offices across California and Nevada. Some of these locations have poor internet connections, so accessing and uploading files to the company server was very painful. Also, since the files are now stored in the cloud, we no longer have the single point of failure that we had before (if our only data center was to go offline).”

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