California-based Real Estate and Construction Company Uses Nasuni for Storage at 32 Locations

Californian Real Estate Company Uses Nasuni in 32 Offices

June 24, 2015

The Lewis Group of Companies Gives All Employees Fast Access to the Corporate File Share Without Deploying Additional Infrastructure; Rapidly Recovers from a Cryptolocker Attack

Nasuni, a provider of Cloud-based NAS to distributed organizations, today announced that The Lewis Group of Companies has replaced its previous storage infrastructure with Nasuni, which now provides all of Lewis’ 32 locations in California and Nevada with fast access to the corporate file share.

The Lewis Group of Companies, now in its 60th year of operation, is one of the nation’s largest privately held real estate development companies. The company focuses on developing mixed-use planned communities and residential subdivisions in California and Nevada, as well as building and owning rental communities, shopping centers, and office and industrial parks.

Prior to deploying Nasuni, Lewis used a centralized hub-and-spoke infrastructure to provide files to all employees, no matter where they were located. This worked well within the central office, but for offices further afield, slow access was a constant headache, especially for those offices with slow WAN links.

Another concern was disaster recovery. After a major power failure took the data center offline for two days, IT considered building an offsite disaster recovery facility and implementing a backup diesel power supply, but neither of these options was feasible.

Nasuni solved both the disaster recovery and data access challenges.

“With Nasuni, all of our employees enjoy fast access to all files in the company file share, and aside from deploying a Nasuni Filer in each office, which was easy, we didn’t have to build out any additional infrastructure,” said Michael Viselli, IS Project Manager, The Lewis Group of Companies.

Plus, Nasuni took care of disaster recovery. With Nasuni, Lewis can store an infinite amount of snapshots of the storage infrastructure, taken as often as every five minutes, and they are stored in multiple physical locations within the cloud. Viselli can recover a file of any size from any time to any place within his infrastructure in seconds.

Lewis Clubhouse-exteriorLewis-Group-LogoIn fact, this capability helped his organization recover much more rapidly from a cryptolocker virus attack than it would have ever been able to do without Nasuni.

“An employee’s computer was infected in June of 2014,” Viselli said, “and after she reported something strange, we scanned the network to see how far it had gone: it got her machine, her directory and a shared volume. We just detached the volumes from the public file share and used Nasuni’s snapshots of our data to restore the volumes back to the moment before she got the infection. It was a real relief to be able to recover so easily from a situation that could be potentially disastrous for many enterprises.”

Finally, Lewis is using Nasuni’s mobile app to give employees access to the corporate file share directly from their iOS mobile devices. Event staff, for example, can take pictures of a party at a property, place them in the Nasuni app, and automatically upload them to the corporate file share, where central office event staff can put them online quickly.

“Nasuni is the next generation of enterprise storage,” said Andres Rodriguez, CEO of Nasuni. “Unlike traditional storage, we liberate the data from the hardware, so our customers don’t have the same storage management burden and everyone in every office has fast access to the corporate file share, which is automatically protected and recoverable in an instant. No traditional NAS delivers the capabilities our Cloud-based NAS provides.”

About Nasuni
Nasuni is an enterprise storage company that provides distributed organizations with a powerful Cloud-based NAS system. By combining on-premises hardware and software with cloud storage, Nasuni delivers a secure data storage solution that provides high performance for users, simplified and centralized management for IT, and an easily scalable, complete storage service for the global enterprise. Nasuni is privately held and based in Boston, MA. For more information, visit

Nasuni is privately held and based in Boston, MA. For more information, visit

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