Architectural Firm Puts Giant Data Files in the Cloud

Architectural Firm Puts Giant Data in the Cloud – Nasuni|Architectural Firm Puts Giant Data in the Cloud – Nasuni

July 31, 2014

A global architectural firm sees big advantages in putting building design data in a cloud-based storage service. The results: lower costs and easier collaboration.

Perkins and Will, like many other global architectural firms, is struggling to manage ever-growing volumes of information. Data-intensive applications such as building information modeling (BIM) produce enormous files on a regular basis.

The firm, which operates in six countries, has about 150 terabytes of critical data—80 percent of which is in BIM files of up to 300 megabytes each. And the volume of data is growing fast. In about three years, data volume is expected to reach 400 terabytes, says CIO Murali Selvaraj.

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