“We are at our most efficient when our manufacturing facilities are running – any downtime costs us money. Nasuni has increased productivity across the company by dramatically improving file access and replication across offices.” – Sandy Bodell, Vice President of Information Technology

Collaboration, Data Growth and Access Challenges in Manufacturing

When your business revolves around the productivity of designers and engineers, high-performance file access is absolutely critical. Whether they’re working out of the main office or a remote location, these employees should not have to drum their fingers on their keyboards as they wait indefinitely for CAD or other files to open. Your business depends on these end users having reliable, fast access to their files, regardless of location. Unfortunately, many manufacturing enterprises struggle to deliver this core business need. Companies attempt to use WAN optimization or replication to link remote offices to headquarters, but these can be costly and inefficient solutions.

The size, complexity and volume of manufacturing files is also increasing, which only adds to the challenge. In order to store, protect and manage all this data, IT often relies on a mix of solutions, which only augments complexity and drains IT time. For example, the true cost of maintaining backup is not just the sticker price, but the hours required to manage backups. Finally, the complexity of these storage environments makes it more difficult for large enterprises to integrate new offices or companies.

In the manufacturing industry, IT and IS have attempted to solve these problems with traditional solutions. The result is an unnecessarily complex environment comprised of multiple systems, from WAN optimization to backup, that still fail to address each company’s core business needs.

A Unified Solution to Manufacturing’s File Sprawl Problem

Nasuni combines the benefits of the cloud with the local performance and security of on-site storage. The result is a single storage solution that delivers unlimited capacity, automatic protection and fast access for every user, from any location or device. Nasuni’s global file sharing allows engineers and designers to collaborate efficiently, enjoying high-performance access to the same business files. IT has more control over the entire storage environment, across all departments and user bases, than ever before. And compared to traditional storage, our clients typically save 40-60%.

Improved Collaboration – Nasuni is built on a cloud-centric approach to distributed access. While users enjoy fast access to locally cached data, the master copy of each file resides in the cloud, so engineers, developers and designers working across continents can easily collaborate and access the same shared volume without conflicts.

High-Performance Access – Nasuni caches active files locally on physical or virtual appliances. That means end users in every location enjoy fast access speeds to files, from headquarters to small regional offices or temporary job sites.

Unlimited File Storage – Enterprises no longer have to expand their storage footprints and purchase excess capacity to account for future data growth. With Nasuni, capacity scales on-demand in the cloud, so our clients only pay for the storage they use.

Rapid Integration – When a new office or company is acquired, IT simply has to deploy a physical or virtual Nasuni appliance at the new location(s). This office becomes an integrated part of the larger storage environment, with the same access and protection as headquarters.

Automatic Protection – Nasuni frequently pushes snapshots of file data to the cloud, ensuring that a complete file history is securely stored in multiple geographic locations. There is no limit to the history or number of snapshots, and files can be recovered in minutes in the case of business disruption or equipment failure. This improves protection, but it also reduces cost and complexity, as it eliminates the need for separate backup systems, redundant data centers and more.

Enhanced IT Control – With the Nasuni Management Console, IT works through a single pane of glass, enabling uniform policies for backup, user access and security across the entire storage infrastructure. IT can remotely manage systems or data with a few simple clicks.

Reduced Cost and Complexity – Nasuni pushes less active data off expensive local hardware and into the cloud, eliminates expensive backup and disaster recovery systems, saves bandwidth and reduces IT complexity and hours. As a result, our manufacturing clients typically see file data storage TCO savings of 40%-60%.

Improving Collaboration and Empowering IT with Nasuni

As the size, complexity and volume of files within manufacturing continues to grow, and companies expand through mergers and acquisitions, IT can no longer rely on traditional file storage and data protection solutions. Engineers and designers need to be able to collaborate efficiently across distant offices, and they deserve fast access to files, regardless of location. Finally, IT needs a unified management platform to oversee this complex environment and seamlessly integrate new offices and locations. Nasuni delivers a cost-effective solution to file growth that stores and protects business files, improves access and collaboration, and empowers IT with unprecedented control.

For more details on how Nasuni can help your company, take a minute to watch these case studies on JSJ Corporation and The Cooley Group, two of our longstanding manufacturing clients.

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