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Nasuni seamlessly integrates the world’s first cloud-native global file system, on-premises edge appliances, Web-based management, mobile device access, and cloud monitoring into a unified platform that solves the file storage challenge.

The heart of the Nasuni platform

Nasuni UniFS® Global File System

Nasuni UniFS global file system is the world’s only global file system designed to scale without limits inside object storage, and free of capacity, volume, and file size constraints of device-based file systems.

Nasuni edge appliance
High performance access to active files

Nasuni Edge Appliances

Nasuni Edge Appliance is software that can be downloaded onto virtual machines and deployed on your own virtual infrastructure or, alternatively, pre-installed on Nasuni Edge Appliance hardware.  Edge Appliance software performs two functions: 

  1. Cache and update active data
  2. Transmit files and file changes to the cloud

Nasuni Management Console
Single pane of glass management

Nasuni Management Console

The Nasuni Management Console provides central management of edge appliances, protocols, and shares for single or multiple sites.

Global file alignment and locking

Nasuni Orchestration Center

The Nasuni Orchestration Center performs file synchronization across all edge appliances and administers Global File Lock®.