Case Study

Perdoceo Education Corporation

Perdoceo Education Corporation (Perdoceo) offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees at several physical campuses and through advanced online portals. With roughly 97% of its students working online, Perdoceo relies heavily on technology, and is closer to an e-commerce company than a traditional university.

File data is growing constantly. Between student assignments, video lectures, audio recordings, custom application data, and various documents, Perdoceo manages billions of files stored in tens of thousands of folders. Previously, this data scaled within traditional NAS arrays. Files were backed up once per day, then copied to tapes and shipped offsite for disaster recovery. When IT leadership decided the company was paying too much for its backup licenses, especially since it would take at least two days to recover in the event of a disaster, Perdoceo began searching for a more efficient way to store and protect its file data. After evaluating its alternatives, Perdoceo switched to Nasuni. Read more in their case study about how all their file data scales cost-effectively.

  • SLED
  • “Work from Anywhere” capabilities via fast, secure remote file access for all users
  • Shift file storage from CAPEX to OPEX, moving to a flexible, scalable, cost-effective cloud model that’s built for the future
  • Support the company’s strict uptime requirements and protect its business model with a more reliable, robust file system
  • Nasuni’s cloud-native file services offering is built to scale to any number of users or files, while still maintaining fast, reliable access. Nasuni’s seamless integration with VMware was also critical
  • Nasuni Continuous File Versioning® eliminates the need for separate backup or Disaster Recovery solutions
  • The Nasuni Management Console makes it easier for IT to manage file services with a simple, powerful web-based interface
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