Case Study


A diverse group of designers, architects, and thinkers, JERDE creates multilayered built environments full of wonder. The JERDE team has spent more than 40 years perfecting how they collaborate with each other and their clients to create thoughtful, creative solutions. For much of JERDE’s history, the traditional methods of storing, sharing, and protecting file data worked just fine. As the business expanded, however, IT leadership recognized that a change was in order.

JERDE relies on latency-sensitive apps like Adobe InDesign and Autodesk Revit, and files have to sync rapidly and efficiently at a global scale to support JERDE’s creative teams. Joe Marando, CIO at JERDE, determined that a mesh architecture, in which offices need to sync directly with one another, would not work optimally because of latency challenges. “We realized the stateless hub-and-spoke architecture of Nasuni would handle latency better,” he says. “It would be more reliable.” Read the Case Study to learn more.

  • Architecture, Engineering & Construction
  • fast global collaboration and file synchronization
  • unlimited, on-demand, flexible storage capacity
  • rapid file data and ransomware recovery
  • simpler management
  • low-latency virtualization for file workflows
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