Case Study

Ithaca Energy

Oil & Gas Leader Reduces Costs, Supports Remote Operations, and Facilitates M&A with Nasuni®

To support its growing business, Ithaca Energy traded traditional file infrastructure for scalable, cost-effective cloud file storage

Ithaca Energy is a leading independent oil and gas company with production, development and exploration operations in the UK North Sea, headquartered in Aberdeen. The company has a diverse portfolio of offshore assets and an onshore office.

Pursuing a strategy of growth through acquisition, the company recently acquired Chevron’s Central North Sea assets, expanding Ithaca’s file data by 250%.

Ithaca was now looking to cut the cost of file storage, data protection and collaboration, maintain fast file access for its end users, and support remote operations – including offshore platforms. They also relied upon nightly backups to disk and tapes that were frustrating to manage, expensive, and unreliable.

The company decided to adopt a cloud-first approach and turned to Nasuni to modernize their file infrastructure. “It was clear that this was the solution we had been looking for,” says Ithaca Energy’s IT Operations Manager Malcolm Brown.

  • Energy
  • Microsoft Azure
  • backup/DR to the cloud
  • cloud VDI
  • file server consolidation
  • M&A integration
  • multi-site file collaboration
  • significant cost savings
  • fast performance for power geoscience users
  • cloud VDI support
  • improved recoveries
  • unlimited capacity
  • faster M&A integration
  • simpler IT management
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