Case Study

Hybrid Apparel

Until recently, file storage had been a persistent headache at Hybrid Apparel, a creative design and manufacturing firm that specializes in making licensed t-shirts for some of the world’s most recognizable brands and retailers. Users would manually move files and folders when they ran out of capacity. The company’s replication and recovery solutions were complex and unreliable, too. “We had one instance in which the system went down hard, and it was pretty much down for two weeks,” recalls Mark Valpreda, who manages IT infrastructure for Hybrid Apparel. “I was checking the old storage systems on weekends, waiting for it to go down. That was one of the last things I’d do on a Sunday night and the first thing Monday morning. It was bad.” Valpreda has been in IT for more than twenty years, so before he started searching for an alternative, he began imagining his ideal solution. He wanted something that would allow his cold data to live in the cloud and keep hot data local, but present them both on the same share, in a way that was seamless to the end user. Then a colleague told him about Nasuni.

Learn more about the value Hybrid Apparel has seen with Nasuni in the Case Study.

  • Manufacturing
  • cost savings
  • set-and-forget management
  • fast file restores
  • backup-free data protection
  • ransomware protection
  • fast performance
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