Case Study

Allied Integrated Marketing

Allied Integrated Marketing Unifies Creative Teams and Cuts File Transfer Times by 90% with Nasuni

A leading entertainment, culture and lifestyle agency leverages Nasuni to reduce IT costs and improve team productivity

Allied Integrated Marketing is a leading entertainment, culture and lifestyle agency. The firm has 22 offices across the U.S. and Canada, and counts global brands such as Disney, Netflix, Showtime, and Paramount Pictures among its long list of notable clients. As Allied’s business has grown, the way its offices and divisions operate has changed. On a given project, Allied’s account managers and creative workers need to be able to leverage the skills and expertise of their colleagues in distant offices, whether they’re in another state or on a different continent. When its legacy file server infrastructure could no longer meet the need of its creative teams, and storing, protecting, and collaborating on unstructured data became too costly and complex for IT, the creative agency deployed Nasuni. Allied was able to reduce IT costs, simplify remote office and branch office file storage administration, improve design team productivity, and accelerate the delivery of client projects.

  • Media & Advertising
  • Amazon Web Services
  • multi-site file collaboration
  • NAS consolidation
  • multi-site creative content collaboration
  • faster file transfers; business agility
  • lower IT costs & reduced hardware
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