What Have We Done For Our Customers Lately?

December 16, 2022 | David Grant What Have We Done For Our Customers Lately?

This past year was a good one to switch to Nasuni from legacy NAS and file servers and we welcomed many new customers upgrading to our cloud platform for a variety of reasons. Some realized that the traditional file server is the IT equivalent of a fax machine. Others needed to migrate off StorSimple into a future-proof solution. A number of organizations had deployed supposedly cloud-scale solutions only to discover far more limitations and headaches than they’d expected. As you’d expect, data security and ransomware were a huge driver of new business for us as well — the continued threat has made it a priority for large enterprises.

The Nasuni Customer Value Study 2022, looks at the different ways we are helping new and existing organizations enjoy the benefits of a simple, secure, and more cost-effective cloud file platform. It’s an easy-to-read, by-the-numbers look at the difference Nasuni makes, and worth a glance for any IT or business leader considering an initial move to cloud file data services — or an upgrade to a superior platform. Here are a few of the highlights.

Savings: When you move to Nasuni, you switch from archaic hardware based storage pricing models with data protection piled on as added costs to a single, predictable, pay-as-you-grow OpEx model that drives savings at scale. In total, all new Nasuni customers added in 2022 saved $135M in 2022 just on their initial purchase!

Scale: Our customers are cumulatively adding 3.1PB per week and store/protect over 200PB of primary data — and there are no limitations on file size, quantity, or complexity.

Ransomware: At last count, Nasuni is protecting 24.7B files across hundreds of organizations. If your file data is maliciously encrypted by ransomware, the platform has proven that it can recover a million files in merely a minute, and our new ransomware inline detection service builds out the solution, integrating protection, detection, response, and recovery.

Access Anywhere: We launched our Nasuni Access Anywhere add-on service this year, and it has been a huge success. Nasuni customers are accessing their files from 14,000 global locations across 90 countries, with 99.999% uptime. Read that sentence again, if you don’t mind — we’re very proud of those numbers.

Migration: A data migration is no small matter. You will need the technology and team to make this transition as seamless as possible. In 2022 we migrated 27 PB of file data, including 400 StorSimple locations, to the Nasuni File Data Platform.

Customer Sat: we are nothing without our customers and we are most proud of the fact that we have over 98% retention rates (top SaaS metric) and very high review ratings across our customers. Thank you for being great partners.

Lastly, Nasuni cares, we gave back to our respective communities around the world helping make a difference.

There’s more detail in the study, including statistics reflecting how we allow companies to shrink and simplify their infrastructure, plus feedback from customers, and information on what we’re doing as a company and corporate culture. All of it — from our business numbers to our charitable efforts — make me incredibly proud to be part of this organization. I hope you’ll take a minute to read and learn a little more about what Nasuni has been up to this past year, and that you’ll consider reaching out to us to find out how we can help your organization optimize your infrastructure in 2023 and beyond.


Read the full customer value study here.


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