The Silo is Finished: Gartner’s 2022 Strategic Roadmap for Storage

October 26, 2022 | Anne Blanchard The Silo is Finished: Gartner’s 2022 Strategic Roadmap for Storage

We often write in this space about how our platform lines up with the evolving needs of the enterprise. But we’re biased, naturally. The leading analyst firms are not, which is why we’re excited to share Gartner’s 2022 Strategic Roadmap for Storage. The report looks at the ongoing transformation of enterprise storage as IT leaders try to answer a fundamental question: how to leverage the cloud to transform operations. The age of the storage silo is over, and we’ve moved into the era of opex-based data services solutions that can be deployed on-demand at any location, anywhere in the world.

The report, which is available for our readers here, is packed with insights. A few other points that stood out to us:

  • The single platform approach that addresses more use cases, reduces complexity, and cuts costs is on the rise
  • Gartner clients are reporting 30% to 60% growth in unstructured data
  • Opex-based storage as a service is preferrable to traditional capex storage
  • Companies are rearchitecting their approach to data protection to account for the ransomware threat

The ransomware sections of the report are among the most interesting, with valuable and occasionally unsettling details on the evolving threat. As we’ve noted before, the malicious actors behind these attacks are growing more sophisticated by the year. The Gartner report notes that hackers are now patiently sifting through volumes to find and encrypt the most valuable data.

2022 Strategic Roadmap for Storage is not an endorsement of Nasuni — no solution providers are mentioned — but many of the recommendations align perfectly with our file data services platform. For years we’ve differentiated ourselves as a storage technology by providing a unified solution that delivers unlimited storage capacity, fast performance, built-in data protection, file sharing, collaboration, and simplified management. More recently, the Nasuni File Data Platform has only grown stronger, proving its strength as a rapid ransomware recovery tool, while adding intelligent analytics and Ransomware Protection add-on tools. Not to mention that we were providing storage as a service before that was even a term. Generally, we’re thrilled to see that the larger market and industry analysts now recognize that a file services solution needs to do so much more than simply store data.

This past year we’ve seen a larger shift in the market. The threat of ransomware, the persistence of hybrid work, the demand for easy access to data from any location, anywhere in the world — these and other factors are fundamentally changing what enterprises are looking for in a data services solution. If you’re looking ahead to how you can leverage the cloud to transform your IT infrastructure, or if you have an impending EOL or EOS date on the horizon for your NetApp, StorSimple, or traditional storage infrastructure, read the report.

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