The Hidden Role of a Cloud-Native File System in Super Bowl LIV

Many Nasuni customers, whom we helped modernized their file storage structure, are playing a role in the Super Bowl and the festivities surrounding it!

January 30, 2020

Mahomes vs. the vaunted 49ers defense. Andy Reid’s legacy. The San Francisco running game. Whether Jimmy Garoppolo has a brighter future as a gridiron gunslinger or a male model. There are so many questions and storylines heading into this Sunday’s Super Bowl championship that we wouldn’t expect you to be thinking about Nasuni’s impact. Indirectly, though, Nasuni is involved in more ways than you’d expect.

The impact of our cloud-native file services platform stretches across many industries, from Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) to Gaming & Entertainment, and many of our clients are playing a role in this weekend’s festivities. Modern enterprises cannot move at the speed of legacy file storage. Top brands around the world that need to move fast have modernized their file storage infrastructure to a cloud model with Nasuni. Let’s explore a few.

Hard Rock Stadium

Let’s start with the venue itself. This year’s Super Bowl is being held in Miami Gardens, Florida, at the recently refreshed Hard Rock Stadium. The renovation of the 1.2 million square foot arena was conducted by global architectural leader HOK. The firm replaced every seat, upgraded the interior with lounges and amenities, and added a stunning new architectural feature – an open-air canopy that protects the players against weather, while also dialing up stadium noise.

Many leading architecture, construction, and engineering enterprises have switched to Nasuni for reasons including NAS silo consolidation, reduced costs, improved data protection, and multi-site file collaboration. In today’s modern creative enterprises, legacy storage cannot keep up with demands.


The tens of millions of Americans who enjoy each year’s Super Bowl commercials might not think all that much about the creative work that goes into each 30-second or 60-second spot. We do. Here at Nasuni we see this process through a file sharing lens. As advertisers put together commercials, large, complex Adobe Creative files and high-resolution videos are moving back and forth between users, departments, and clients. This creative process is much easier when an advertising agency maintains its file storage infrastructure in the cloud with Nasuni.

While we’re not sure which spots we’ll be able to claim a connection to this Sunday night, we can say with confidence that the creative seeds of at least a few commercials will have run through the Nasuni cloud-native file services platform. Our long-standing clients include top global media and advertising brands, and you can always count on our customer TBWA for something creative and out-of-the-box. The agency is responsible for one of the most iconic Super Bowl ads of all time—Apple’s famous “1984” spot.

Currently TBWA is using Nasuni to store, protect, and collaborate on more than 3 PB of files across 80 locations.

Gear & Equipment

Looking forward to wearing some Chiefs or 49ers gear? Or maybe a Packers or Titans hat as a sign of protest? Chances are some of your favorite sports merchandise is made by Under Armour, another valued Nasuni client. They’re using our cloud file system to consolidate storage and boost global collaboration workflows, allowing them to accelerate their design process and get new products to market faster.


Obviously, your kids are going to get bored. Or maybe Mahomes will throw for 11 touchdowns and you’ll lose interest, too. But you’re still in the football mood, so you switch over to the video game version – Madden NFL, which runs on Electronic Arts (EA)…and yes, you guessed it, they’re a Nasuni client as well.

Gronk’s Super Bowl Party & More

OK, so we have no involvement in Rob Gronkowski’s Super Bowl party (and we’re proud of that, both legally and philosophically), but we’re likely involved in the local party you are attending or hosting. There’s a good chance the cable provider enabling you to watch the game is a Nasuni customer. The non-alcoholic beverages you plan to enjoy during the game? We’re probably helping that company, too. One of our clients is the top, brand-name soft-drink manufacturer, while another makes some of the most popular spirits enjoyed around the globe.

We hope you kick back, relax, and enjoy the game, but if you do start thinking about whether it’s time for your enterprise to modernize its file storage infrastructure, reach out to us.

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