New Release Enhances Remote Work, Simplifies Cloud Migrations, and Accelerates Ransomware Recovery

We recently announced a new release of the Nasuni File Services Platform enhancing remote work, cloud migration, and file data protection.

July 14, 2020

The latest Nasuni software release (version 8.8) is now being deployed across our customer base, and I’m very excited to share some of the exciting enhancements to the platform. Our Product and Engineering teams are always looking for ways to make Nasuni even better and this latest release only extends our leadership in enterprise cloud file storage.

Although we have been working on some of these improvements for a while now, COVID-19 has strengthened our focus. The pandemic brought about massive change across most industries. With more large, global enterprises accelerating their cloud migrations, supporting remote work, and looking for ways to defend against ransomware attacks, we decided this was the perfect time for these upgrades.

We targeted three main areas with this release: 1) enhanced remote work capabilities; 2) simplified cloud migration; and 3) modern data protection. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Enhanced cloud performance: Nasuni has certified and supports Azure Premium and Ultra SSDs to enable higher performance in Edge Appliance cloud configurations.
  • Additional Cloud VDI options: Nasuni is now certified for customer use with Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktops.
  • Increased uptime: Nasuni has delivered a new health monitoring capability for all Edge Appliances along with faster recovery times for appliances that need to be restarted.
  • Increased performance and availability for Global File Lock (GFL) services: Nasuni has delivered a new Active/Active configuration for GFL services in Europe, US and Asia. These new services can improve availability and performance by reducing latency for communication between Edge Appliances and GFL services.
  • AWS Snowball: Nasuni now supports AWS Snowball for use with the Nasuni Cloud Migrator technology for remote sites that need to migrate lots of data with low bandwidth.
  • A 30/100 migration guarantee: Nasuni Professional Services is offering a 100 TB migration that is guaranteed to complete within 30 days for qualified customers.

Ransomware Recovery

Our core data protection technology, Nasuni Continuous File Versioning®, remains unchanged, but this release adds enhancements and support specifically focused on ransomware. You can only do so much to prevent a ransomware attack. Even if you do follow best practices, hackers might still find a way inside. The key is having a plan to recover as quickly as possible. That is where Nasuni can help, as our technology allows you to roll back to previous versions of files or volumes to before the ransomware attack hit.

This has been one of our platform’s strengths for a while now. The difference with this release is that we’ve streamlined the process to ensure companies can get up and running again in a matter of minutes or a few hours. Traditional backup storage systems might leave companies down for days, weeks, or as our CTO Andres Rodriguez explains in his post on the subject, even longer.

The highlights of our new streamlined process include tips for stopping the infection, identifying the infection time and virus type, tuning the system to increase the speed of recovery, and restoring files as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Continued Growth & Another Investment

As it happens, this release isn’t our only news of the day. We also announced a new round of funding to fuel our next stage of growth. We don’t need the cash, as we still have our round from last year on reserve. But we want to take advantage of both the incredible momentum in the cloud technology space and our increasing traction with large enterprises. Every week, more of the world’s leading brands across industries turn to Nasuni for cloud file storage. This added funding is going to ensure we can help even more large enterprises shift their files to the cloud.

Companies are seeing the value of a cloud file storage technology that was truly built to scale, and we could not be more excited about the future.

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