Nasuni Demonstrates Leadership in AEC Digital Transformation & Cloud Migration

Nasuni President David Grant discusses how Nasuni is enabling the AEC industry to speed up digital transformation through cloud migration.

June 27, 2023

The architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry has embraced digital transformation and cloud migration at a staggering rate. File data is the core of their business, and they recognized early that the cloud was the answer to their digital transformation Complex applications like Autodesk Revit, Dassault CATIA CAD, and Siemens Teamcenter now seem liked standard fare as firms incorporate more digital solutions. They’re building digital twins of buildings and cities, automating design processes, and leveraging new imaging techniques. AEC firms are not only piloting AI tools – they’re developing new ones internally. Their workforce is remote first making collaboration critical to their success.

This industry is truly at the forefront of digital innovation and for that reason and others I’m proud to share that Nasuni’s traction in AEC is getting stronger by the year. As detailed in our latest press release, Nasuni has reached several AEC milestones since 2021, including:

  • 4,300 AEC sites relying on Nasuni
  • 27 countries with Nasuni deployments

What’s driving these trends? We’re seeing a few consistent themes:

1. Data growth
Across the AEC industry, data has grown by almost 60% since 2021, and firms have accepted that relying on traditional storage hardware or cloud-washed solutions is no longer a viable way to manage capacity. The rate of growth in AEC demands a file services solution with no scale limitations. Today’s firms need something that can support their growth efficiently.

2. Ransomware
The construction industry has emerged as one of the more likely targets of ransomware attacks. AEC firms need to be able to protect their data, yet ransomware can still penetrate the best defenses, so companies need tools that will quickly detect and quarantine attacks, then initiate rapid recoveries.

3. Global reach
AEC firms with a regional or global presence need to make it easy for the ideal people to work on a given project, regardless of where in the world that job might be located. As a result, they need tools that support fast, scalable, efficient global collaboration on complex files. Plus, it needs to be easy for firms to extend file services anywhere on the globe.

4. Reliability
Finally, AEC firms want a file services platform and a company that they can rely on. They want a technology that has proven to operate efficiently and reliably at scale in their industry, with their applications, and they want to know they’re not going to have to wait for support if something goes wrong.

5. Remote Workers
By the nature of their industry, workers are not in a traditional office. They are in the field at client locations but still require performance at the edge to do their job.

The press release has more details, but to close, I’ll point to a recent post from our founder and CTO. As Andres says, Nasuni is bigger, better, safer, and easier than our competitors, and this is very much evident in AEC. Our platform is bigger because there are no scale or volume limitations. It’s better because the cloud-native architecture ensures customers enjoy the scale of the cloud, the speed of local access, and numerous additional capabilities and services. The platform’s patented ransomware protection process makes it safer than similar solutions, and it’s easier both to manage at a global scale and to migrate over to and deploy in the first place. Our combination of cloud storage with edge performance is ideal for AEC.

If you’re an IT leader at an AEC firm, take a look at some of our industry case studies, then reach out so we can talk about whether Nasuni would be a good fit for your needs.

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