Nasuni Customer Success Wins Prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award

November 23, 2021 | Jason DePardo Nasuni Customer Success Wins Prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award

When I started at Nasuni in 2017, I was tasked with building a world-class customer support and professional services organization. As company momentum continues to grow out of our record-setting third quarter, I’m proud to announce that our Customer Success organization is keeping pace, winning the prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Award for 2021.

The award recognizes companies that demonstrate a unique commitment to customer service excellence, and it’s the only one of its kind based on actual, verified customer satisfaction surveys. For my team, this is validation of years of hard work. It’s a testament to our total dedication to Nasuni’s customers and an essential part of our larger goals as a company. Nasuni provides mission-critical file storage infrastructure at some of the largest enterprises in the world. Our customer success and professional services teams need to be this good if we’re going to keep companies like Dotdash Meredith, Cushman & Wakefield, TBWA, and EA Sports happy.

Building a Team of Experts

As an organization, we strive to improve our customers’ experience with our support teams and with the Nasuni product itself. That applies to all organizations, whether they’re mid-range enterprises with a handful of regional offices or massive global businesses with hundreds of sites worldwide. This work starts with people, and we’ve built and maintained a team of top cloud file services experts with deep industry expertise and experience supporting mission-critical environments. These are individuals who spent years supporting and servicing global IT leaders at top companies in AEC, Media & Marketing, Manufacturing, and other industries before moving to Nasuni.

Our basic approach is relatively straightforward:

  1. We work to accelerate time to value and ROI. We recognize that our customers are making an investment in Nasuni cloud file storage, and we want them to start experiencing the transformational impact of our technology as soon as possible.
  2. We work to ensure that you get it right the first time, architecting the Nasuni deployment and migration to minimize any mistakes or errors.
  3. Finally, we architect the solution for the future. Even if organizations start with a relatively small deployment, Nasuni itself is built for you to scale without limits, so we set everything up so that your enterprise can scale efficiently from TBs to PBs.

CLOUD & Customer Experience

Our Professional Services group follows our CLOUD methodology, which covers everything from onboarding and training to post-deployment health checks, an approach that has served us well across industries.

At Nasuni, one of our mantras is that “everyone owns quality”. In the customer success and professional services organization, we believe that everyone owns the customer experience. Everyone in our group, from junior members to senior leaders, is completely focused on that every day. While it’s easy to lose sight of the customer experience when you’re managing a complex issue or putting out fires, we’ve tried to build this focus into our culture and mindset so we never lose sight of our ultimate goal. We all take pride in positive feedback from customers like IT Operations Manager Malcolm Brown at Ithaca Energy, who said, “the Nasuni Support team is interactive, engaged and provides a very knowledgeable understanding of all their products. The excellent support and faster file recovery that Nasuni provides ensures that we can make data available to any of our locations.”

Comments like these are a win for our entire Customer Success organization, not just the individuals dedicated to that account. The NorthFace ScoreBoard Award and its customer-driven validation process is further proof that we’re on the right path. I’m proud of the organization we’ve built in the last few years, and excited to see where we go as Nasuni continues to grow.

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