Boom Time: Nasuni Grows Energy Industry Footprint by 165%

November 09, 2022 | Stephen Skidmore Boom Time: Nasuni Grows Energy Industry Footprint by 165%

Nasuni is on a roll this year. More large organizations are leveraging the cloud to transform IT operations. Ransomware is forcing companies to re-architect data protection as we roll out powerful new services to meet their needs. Our customer success and professional services teams are winning awards, customer feedback has been stellar, and our European operation is growing rapidly. But I’m especially excited about what’s been happening in the energy sector.

Over the past few years, more of the world’s largest energy industry leaders are switching to the Nasuni File Data Platform. We’ve been relatively quiet about this momentum, but we just announced that data under management in the energy industry has increased by more than 165% since the end of Q1 2021.

That’s right: 165%.

Companies like Capricorn Energy, Core Laboratories, EnQuest, Fugro, Ithaca Energy, Subsea7 and Wood PLC are replacing traditional, legacy file storage and data protection with modern file data services, and the word within the industry is spreading fast. The Nasuni File Data Platform isn’t designed specifically for one vertical. It’s built to transform IT operations for any medium to large enterprise, whether you’re operating in retail, life sciences, architecture, construction, manufacturing, or any other segment that uses unstructured file data to run its business.

That said, our momentum in the energy industry can be traced to a few key factors, including:

  • Increased cloud migrations as companies look for flexible, cost-effective, capacity
  • Demand for high-performant file access and sharing capabilities from remote locations that now never run out of storage
  • Need for business resilience in the era of ransomware and other threats

Nasuni addresses each of these needs, and when we say we can deliver access anywhere, we mean it. We’ve even extended file access to offshore oil drilling rigs utilizing low-bandwidth satellite connectivity, allowing workers separated by hundreds or thousands of miles to share files and collaborate. Teams can easily share large seismic and CAD data files, too, so geoscientists can access the data they need, no matter where they are on the globe.

This momentum in the energy industry is no accident. We’ve been working closely for years with some of the world’s largest, most demanding energy companies – not all of which are noted above – and we’ve developed a deep understanding of the specific needs of the industry. We continue to listen to our customers, too, and we joined the Open Subsurface Data Universe (OSDU) Forum to help advance transformational technology in the industry.

Ultimately, our goal is to have a transformational impact. We don’t intend to be a temporary IT solution to current legacy storage problems. That 165% growth figure is just the beginning. We plan to be the energy industry’s file data services solution for many years to come.

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