7 Things That Take Longer than Restoring a Million Files 

April 13, 2022 | Stephen Skidmore 7 Things That Take Longer than Restoring a Million Files 

The rise and evolution of ransomware is throwing a pretty harsh spotlight on the recovery times of traditional file data protection. Recovering from a ransomware attack using traditional backup can take days or weeks. Even if you have a modern online backup solution, you’re still in for some serious headaches. You might be able to restore the files at one site within a reasonable window of time, but multiple locations? Good luck. You’ll have plenty of offices and users cut off from their files for weeks or more.

Nasuni cloud file storage allows you to restore a million files in minutes.

Yes, you read that right.

The Nasuni platform offers a long list of benefits, but more and more large enterprises are transitioning to Nasuni because of our rapid ransomware recovery capabilities. It’s just so much faster. Comparing Nasuni to backup just doesn’t do it justice, so we decided to convey the speed of our restores to more common everyday tasks.

7 Things That Take Longer than Restoring a Million Files

I’m going to leave “filling the tank” off the list here, since gas prices are so high today, and Nasuni saves customers up to 50% off the total cost of storing, protecting, and managing file data. I don’t want to make you feel bad that you save money with Nasuni AND spend less time restoring files than filling up! But the next time you finish walking your dog, brewing a cup of tea, or brushing your teeth, take a second to think about enterprise file data. Remind yourself that you’d be able to restore one million files with Nasuni in less time than it took to chomp down that apple or take your canine companion for his or her run.

Want to see the simplicity in action? Check out our one million file restore demo today.

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