2021 Year in Review and Looking Out to 2022

February 24, 2022 | David Grant 2021 Year in Review and Looking Out to 2022

This past year was another challenging year but also many positive signs for the world. It was an exciting twelve months for Nasuni as companies accelerated their journey to the cloud. We capitalized on being able to help our customers against the ongoing threat of Ransomware and the accelerating interest in cloud initiatives and digital transformation to deliver phenomenal results in 2021. I’d like to share some of our numbers, recap a few exciting developments for the company, and explain why I believe Nasuni is poised for another breakthrough year.

The pandemic and the subsequent shift to work-from-home and hybrid work arrangements has fundamentally changed the workplace and the threat landscape. Companies are pushing up their digital transformation plans by three to four years. Cloud initiatives are accelerating just as quickly. And the onslaught of Ransomware attacks massively accelerated. Now it’s not a question of when large organizations are going to shift file data to the cloud, but how quickly solutions providers like Nasuni can make that happen. This groundswell of demand drove some exceptional results:

  • 54% growth in new enterprise logos choosing Nasuni
  • 196% expansion of capacity under management for new logo customers relative to prior year
  • 98% gross customer retention rate
  • 118% net customer retention rate
  • 35% of customers have annual subscription contracts valued north of $350,000 per year
  • 86 NPS score, which is recognized as world class.
  • We landed the largest deal in company history with a Fortune 100 multinational that needed to replace its traditional storage and protect its business against ransomware attacks.
    This was a tremendous validation — of Nasuni as a company, the strength and dedication of our global team, and the versatility of our platform — but we didn’t just build the company to attract new customers. We want to be the cloud file services platform of choice for these customers for years to come. That’s why we’re particularly proud of those industry leading retention rates and NPS scores. These numbers show we’re delivering on our promise.

    The year in numbers was a good one, but there were so many other exciting developments. At the executive level, we welcomed a new sales leader in EMEA, Chris Addis, and we were thrilled to appoint 30-year tech industry veteran Thomas Stanley to our Board of Directors. His strategic insight on how to capitalize on the demand for cloud file services and drive sales and revenue to new heights has already proven invaluable.

    A few additional highlights include:

    Nasuni and Google Cloud: We just marked the one-year anniversary of the start of this partnership, which has driven a tremendous amount of new business. It’s a great fit because Google Cloud’s combination of performance, simple management and cost savings dovetails perfectly with the core benefits of the Nasuni platform. The first year has seen fantastic deal flow and we’re excited to see this partnership grow even faster in 2022.

    Global File Acceleration: The brainchild of some of our top talent, this latest platform feature adds a new layer of intelligence to Nasuni’s architecture, giving global users the fastest possible access to shared files. You can read more about how it works, along with some additional ransomware-related benefits, here. Our large customers are seeing a 50% improvement in multi-site file sync times.

    Launching Nasuni Labs: This exciting new project gives our customers access to new innovations through a Nasuni-managed GitHub account featuring custom solutions and open source tools. Among other things, we’re envisioning Nasuni Labs as a way to make it easier for our customers to integrate Nasuni with powerful cloud analytics solutions from AWS and Azure — and help them extract more value from their file data.

    Continued Innovation: Our 9.5 release, announced in December, is one of our most exciting yet. Nasuni engineers are always innovating and dreaming up ways to make the platform even better, and 9.5 delivers simpler, more powerful management, faster migrations, and enhanced performance.

    Industry Recognition: Last but certainly not least, our outstanding Customer Success team received a coveted NorthFace Scoreboard Service Award for global customer support excellence, receiving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 86. The creators of the NPS system call anything above 50 excellent. Our score qualifies as world class. And our Customer Success group deserves that and more.

    We were also thrilled to have Gartner list us as a featured vendor in its latest Hype Cycle for Storage and Data Protection, and we earned top-5 recognition from DCIG, a spot as one of the top storage solutions in the healthcare space.

    We’re Just Getting Started
    The recognition, revenue growth, and customer reviews validate what we’re building here at Nasuni. We’re growing faster than ever and landing bigger customers than ever before, but I truly believe we’re just getting started. The scale, savings, and simplicity we deliver is unmatched in the industry. As more and more companies move to the cloud for the first time, or start looking for something superior to the cloud-washed solutions peddled by legacy storage vendors, we are going to see our business grow even faster.

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