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File Data Services

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from Anywhere and
PROTECTED against Anything.

Detect Ransomware at the Edge
Before It Reaches Your Cloud

Simplified Global Infrastructure
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Nasuni Wins Prestigious NorthFace ScoreBoard Service Award for the Third Consecutive Year
The File Data Services Leader Raises Its Net Promoter Score to 88 and Receives a 99% Customer Satisfaction Score

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Proven solutions that address your most critical business needs

Cloud Modernization

Nasuni’s use of cloud storage means that capacity can grow on demand, and the unique design of the Nasuni edge appliance caches data locally and delivers the speed of local hardware.

Remote and Hybrid Work

Moving your file infrastructure to the cloud is a critical step in ensuring business continuity and global organization productivity

File Backup & Recovery

Nasuni offers a continuously versioning file system that automatically stores file changes as they occur directly in cloud storage – a far better solution than traditional backup. Users will love that their files can be restored in minutes – instead of hours or days.

NAS & File Server Consolidation

Nasuni consolidates NAS silos, delivering infinite scale, built-in backup, global file sharing, and local file server performance — all for significantly less than the cost of traditional file infrastructures.

Global File Sharing/Collaboration

With Nasuni, users across a distributed enterprise can collaborate as if they were sharing a file server in a local office. They get the same local access performance and locking protection regardless of their location.

Ransomware Edge Detection & Disaster Recovery

Nasuni customers know sooner when they are under attack. Learn how they recover quickly from ransomware attacks and disasters.

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The only ANY-CLOUD platform that offers you the choice of one or multiple providers

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See what’s possible from our customers across the globe

Migrating 800 users from one location to another in under 3 months while reducing on-prem infrastructure by 80% and strengthening design and editorial productivity.

“Nasuni is a killer replacement for the traditional local file server and it gives you the ability to get cross-office collaboration really humming along.”

Director of Enterprise Infrastructure

Achieving greater innovation by increasing collaboration and accelerating project delivery across 28 global design studios.

“We can move data from one place to another place, but we still have that single source of truth across all our studios around the world. So we’re not replicating data from one place to another and creating these inefficiencies. The drivers for why Nasuni is at Perkins+Will, it’s fundamentally about economics and rock solid, reliable performance.”

Chief Information Officer

Merging three large companies onto a single global file system to deliver seamless file access and increased productivity.

“Among our engineering community, it has become absolutely life changing. The performance we’re getting is just radically different from what we were seeing before. It just absolutely changes the way they work and it has significantly improved their productivity.”

Vice President, Global Infrastructure and IT Operations

Reducing traditional NAS footprint and costs for storing, protecting and sharing nearly 2.9 PBs of data among 305 offices in 98 countries.

“We’ve broken the cycle of buying capacity five years in advance, and not being able to fully utilize it. Storage costs are much easier to control and storage provisioning across TBWA is much more efficient.”

CIO of International

Global Holding Company APi Group Advances Digital and Cloud Initiatives & Improves File Storage, Management and Protection with Nasuni®️

“Nasuni continues to improve and add value to their product. With the latest Nasuni release, we have enhanced our business resiliency strategy by enabling the ability to detect, alert and respond to ransomware attacks, as well as rapidly recover from any possible data encryption.”

IT Implementation & Acquisition Manager