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With employees ranging from headquarters to branch and remote offices to project teams on-site, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) companies know the meaning of “distributed teams” more than any other industry. Collaboration isn’t a buzzword here, it’s a real business need in a highly competitive industry.

As organizations grow and teams are stretched further and further apart, AEC enterprises need a way to deliver fast access to a shared set of data around the world. Nasuni enables AEC customers to provide shared access to a single global namespace that is available in every location at local speeds. Replacing clunky data transfer and replication schemes, Nasuni delivers a solution that combines local appliances synchronized with cloud storage. Nasuni provides the performance that end users demand along with the consistency and control that IT desperately needs. All of this happens behind the scenes, resulting in dramatically increased productivity with no impact on user behavior. Nasuni makes Architecture, Engineering, and Construction companies dramatically more productive:

  • Increase the day-to-day productivity of distributed teams
  • Upload photos and videos from the field using Nasuni Mobile
  • Reduce the time and resources required to manage remote storage infrastructure
  • Limit the capital investment necessary to support new offices and teams

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