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Nasuni offers Cloud-integrated Storage, replacing traditional hardware-centric storage by combining cloud storage with on-premises storage controllers to deliver storage as a service designed to eliminate backups, improve performance and increase collaboration

Our team is made up of enterprise storage veterans, security stalwarts and networking experts, all with years of experience and a shared, exacting approach to design and implementation. Using IT as our design point, we have developed, tested and improved our core technology—a next-generation storage controller with an advanced, cloud-specific file system under the hood.

Nasuni allows enterprises to:

  • Simplify remote office infrastructure: Nasuni enables distributed organizations to deploy consistent remote office storage and protection that is fully managed from headquarters. Our customers are delivering uniform storage to offices around the world without requiring local staff to babysit the storage and backup systems.
  • Deliver global file access: Nasuni creates a single central repository for all of an organization’s critical files that is accessible from every office with local performance. Our customers have improved the productivity of their distributed teams and eliminated lost effort by enabling everyone to work off the same dataset.
  • React to storage growth: Nasuni’s growth-proof storage system allows companies to grow their storage needs without impacting the local infrastructure. Our customers purchase only the storage they need today, adding capacity on-demand.



Storage Infrastructure as a Service

Storage Infrastructure as a Service (SIaaS) delivers unified storage with unlimited scale, superior data protection and efficient data access, delivered as a service. With SIaaS, enterprise IT organizations streamline and reduce costs by eliminating the need for backup systems and WAN acceleration, delivering consolidated data storage in every office.

Learn more about Nasuni and how SIaaS is changing the face of enterprise storage. Download the Storage Infrastructure as a Service White Paper.



Enterprise Data Storage, Redefined.

Unified Storage

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