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The State of Backup in 2018

One of the biggest complaints we hear from enterprise customers is that they’re tired of relying on backup. It’s time-intensive, unreliable and expensive. Yet it’s also necessary. Lose data and you could lose your job.

Few people know more about the past, present and probable future of backup than Storage Switzerland analyst W. Curtis Preston, a.k.a. Mr. Backup. With his help, and some deep research of our own, we created an informative, easy-to-read new eBook, The State of Backup in 2018.

This eBook covers:

  • Insights from data protection expert W. Curtis Preston
  • Why backup fails to protect large organizations
  • The different ways cloud is changing data protection
  • 4 features enterprises should expect from a solution
  • How major companies are saving 60%

As Preston says in the eBook: “The one certainty is that backup is changing, and as data continues to grow, the need for effective and efficient data protection is going to be stronger than ever.” Read The State of Backup in 2018 and find the ideal data protection solution for your enterprise.