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Why I Joined Nasuni: Introducing ex-IBM Cloud, Cleversafe, and StorageTek Executive Russ Kennedy

I am now a few weeks into my new position as Chief Product Officer at Nasuni, and since it was officially announced today in a press release, I thought I’d share in my own words why I am so thrilled to join the company.

I come to Nasuni having most recently been at Cleversafe, now part of the IBM Cloud business, where I led Product Management and Customer Success. After IBM’s acquisition of Cleversafe in 2015, I was part of the team that led the successful integration of our object storage platform into what is now IBM Cloud Object Storage. I’m very proud of the work we did at both Cleversafe and IBM, pioneering object storage for both private and public cloud deployments, and making it a mainstream technology capable of displacing traditional on-premises storage infrastructure. I was, and still am, passionate about the technology, and greatly enjoyed working at both companies. Only a very special opportunity was going to lure me away.

And that’s what happened. I had the opportunity to work with Nasuni while I was at both Cleversafe and IBM. I always felt strongly the company had the best cloud-native file system technology that aligns perfectly with object storage objectives – scalability, security, ease of access, and business continuity. Nasuni’s file system is exactly what’s needed to unlock the full potential of object storage for global file sharing, multi-site collaboration, advanced data protection, and simpler file server management. Together, IBM/Cleversafe and Nasuni helped many enterprise customers address their unstructured data growth challenges and transform their businesses. I knew this need would only grow given the increasing push by enterprises to move their data and workloads into the cloud.

Sure, the opportunity was compelling. But it’s the people who made it a slam dunk. I’ve had the good fortune to work with many outstanding teams in my career, but I’ve not found a more focused and capable team as there is here at Nasuni. I’ve known the founder, Andres Rodriguez, and some of the key leaders in the company for many years. After meeting the president, Paul Flanagan, and the management team he has assembled, I became even more excited about helping them shape product strategy, and getting the chance to work with IBM and other strategic partners to help customers overcome file storage challenges.

There are 2 fundamental elements to success in technology that I’ve learned over my long career. First, you must be willing to do the hard things, things that the competition can’t or won’t take on, and do them very well. And, second, you must have a maniacal focus on making your customers successful with your technology. That’s Nasuni! Industry-leading technology that helps customers transform their businesses and a keen focus on ensuring customer success using that technology.

I couldn’t have joined at a better time. We’ve had 3 consecutive quarters of record growth. We just announced $38M in funding from Goldman Sachs to accelerate growth. We’re rolling out new customer success programs, go-to-market programs, and product releases. It’s going to be a fun ride.

I look forward to working with all of you in my new role, and would love to hear from you. Comment below or email me directly.

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  1. Mike Mazzaroni

    I was similarly impressed by the team during our discussions and opportunity planning sessions. I’ll be watching with interest Russ – good luck!