Vote for Nasuni in the 2016 BostInno Tech Madness Bracket

Vote for Nasuni in the 2016 BostInno Tech Madness Bracket


The finalists for the 2016 BostInno Tech Madness showdown were just announced, and Nasuni has been picked as one of the most exciting tech companies in the area. The mix of contestants includes everything from angel-funded startups to publicly traded Goliaths.

Tech Madness works a little like the NCAA Tournament, with 64 teams spread through four brackets, seeded from 1 to 16. In this case the seeding is based on funding, not success or potential, and we got the nod as a 7 seed. Each round matches two companies against each other. The winner is determined by a single question: Which company do you think will gain the most traction over the next five years?

Bracket-WebThe team that earns the most votes in each matchup advances to the next round. At Nasuni, we like our chances. We’re growing fast. We’ve proven we’re not going anywhere. And we solve an already major problem that’s only going to be bigger in five years – how to cost-effectively manage the steady growth of unstructured data.

As for our seed, the basketball junkies among you might recall that a certain team from Connecticut won the entire tournament as a 7 seed just two years ago. Now let’s win it again on the tech side. Cast your vote here, and do it soon.

The first round closes tomorrow – Tuesday, March 15th at 4 PM. Vote now!Tech-Madness-Social

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