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The Walsh Group

With Nasuni, the Walsh Group has increased productivity across the distributed teams by delivering shared access to a global volume with enterprise-level performance and data security.

Video Transcript

Mike Driscoll:
When I began at Walsh, business units were fairly self-contained. There wasn’t a lot of collaboration across them. Over the past 10-12 years that I’ve been with the company, that’s changed. Business units are branching out more, we’re seeing an increase in collaboration across geographies. So, the challenge has been how do we give those users a good experience when accessing the resources they need.

We’ve been running Nasuni in-house for a few months now, my experience with it has been absolutely positive. I’ve found that it does not require much in the way of care and feeding on my part. It’s very much a set it and forget it experience. From my users’ standpoint, there hasn’t been much feedback, which I take to be a positive, because it means that my users aren’t having problems. If my users were experiencing poor performance or other issues, I’d be hearing about it. And the fact that my phone’s not ringing with an angry user on the other line complaining about access to their data, means that Nasuni’s doing what I need it to.