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Support: In Our Customer’s Words

We could brag about the Nasuni Customer Support Team’s 95% satisfaction ratings. Or the fact that the team is built of highly skilled engineers with a rare dedication to providing exceptional customer service. But why listen to us? Take two minutes to watch a few of our current clients detail their own experiences with Nasuni customer support. 

Video Transcript

Mazi Fayazfar:

One of the things that I would be remiss if I didn’t mention is, Nasuni’s customer support and willingness to work with us at both the development and customer-support level is outstanding. And I think that both our internal customers, and my team really recognizes that responsiveness as being critical to the relationships.

Greg Nichols:

And being in my position, and having so little time to deal with each product or learn any product, having a support infrastructure like Nasuni has been a great asset to me.

Gerald Van Benschop:

The support was fantastic, that we had direct access to people that were just as committed to our success as they were to Nasuni’s own success. And in a nutshell, that’s what I like about it.

Jim Bonczek:

Any time I had to deal with support, it’s been phenomenal. They’ve been responsive. I’ve never had more than a few minutes of wait for a major issue. The support has been wonderful.

Jason Benway:

Nasuni support, they’re there. They know your environment. They want to help. They seem to go the extra mile.

Abz Mungul:

And, you know, I’ll spend a lot of time speaking to [Barry?] and the Support Desk, and so on. And, you know, she’s excellent. You know, all the crazy ideas that I might have, I can bounce off her. And then she’ll be like, “Yeah, that will work”; “That won’t work”; “Oh, we’ve not actually thought of that.” So it’s really a nice relationship that we have, because we can turn to you guys and say, “We’ve got this problem.” Nasuni doesn’t actually solve it at that moment, but it’s a problem we’re facing. Can you help us? And I’ve never really had a “no.” It’s always, “We’re not doing that at the moment, but we’ll look at it.” Or, “Yeah, you can do it this way.” And it’s really nice having, you know, effectively a partner. Because you guys are our partner — an extension of Imagination. That’s how I see it. And that’s great.