Ransomware Recovery Made Easy

Ransomware attacks are on the rise, with WannaCry only the most recent example. But if you’re using a cloud-scale enterprise file services solution, Ransomware recovery should be quick and easy.

During this webinar, security and storage industry expert Fred Pinkett, explains:
  • Why traditional backup and snapshot technologies aren’t as effective for Ransomware mitigation
  • Why new innovations like Continuous Versioning that leverage the cloud enable fast Ransomware recovery
  • How to recover entire shares or select files without paying ransom
  • How cloud-native file services enable you to minimize both data loss and file storage costs

Fred draws on his many years of experience at RSA Security, Altiris, Exagrid, Core Security, Security Innovation, and Nasuni and explains how you can easily dismiss ransom demands and restore access to your company’s files.