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When world-class architecture and design firm Perkins+Will needed a high performance storage platform to support their global teams, they turned to Nasuni. With 24 locations around the world, traditional storage and data protection schemes were becoming expensive and difficult to manage.

Video Transcript

MURALI SELVARAJ: My name is Murali Selvaraj, I’m the CIO at Perkins+Will. I’ve been in this role for about a year and a half now. I’ve been part of this firm for about 16 years. I’m an architect by profession. So I think I understand both sides of the equation of Perkins + Will. We have about 25 offices. Some of kind of the recent goals that we’ve established for ourselves are number one, to be nimble, number two, to be client-centric, and number three, to be global. And the global is not just because we wanted to – the global is really because our clients are taking us there. So we want to go wherever our clients are going. And Nasuni, on all of these three constructs, is in perfect alignment with our global business model. Not just the technology model, but the global business model. And hence, it’s a great fit for us.

GREGORY FAIT: The way we’re implementing Nasuni, it’s essentially a complete replacement for all of our unstructured data. Autodesk, Revit, AutoCAD, you know, Adobe products, Photoshop, Illustrator,  InDesign. You know, anything that is — that you normally just, you know, save from your desktop to a Windows share, we’re now hosting that on Nasuni infrastructure.

GERALD VAN BENSCHOP: So let me give you an example of one of our rollouts. It’s our Atlanta office, which is a higher profile office than some of our other ones. We had our — some of our executive leadership coming into Atlanta that week, and that Friday, right before they came in, we made the cut over. Monday, when people started showing up for work, no one knew anything was different. But we knew we had solid backups, we had capacity, we had everything that the Nasuni product could offer us.

MURALI SELVARAJ: The reason why we are using Nasuni, in addition to the cost exercise, it’s discussed — it’s in complete alignment with the way the business is headed. We talked about global, near our clients, the best team across multiple offices. How do you do that? There’s not a whole lot of choices in the storage world. And Nasuni is in perfect alignment with that thinking.